Should couple post their argument on social media?

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We  have observed that some couples use social media to post their argument with their partner on social media. They complaint and curse to their partner. Now let think together why they decide to post like that and what the advantage and disadvantages of doing that.


Couples post like that because they want to send message to their partner that they are disappointed with their partner and they want him/her to change their behavior. They want to find a channel to release their sorrow and anger.


After they post complaining message, they feel better.


  • They make tiny problem to become huge. The conflict was happen between them and right now it turns to their both families. Once it is spread, the wound will not be easily to healed.
  • They make their beloved one feel embarrassed and disappointed. They have destroyed their partner’fame. This leads to resentment.
  • They show their argument in public which cause the third person to easily to involve with your couple life. He/ She can have a chance to connect to their husband/wife while having conflict. This lead to divorce in the future.
  • People who view their post can evaluate their family life. There is no need to get attention from people on social media. They just read and then they do not care what happen with the poster’s family life.

After the description above, we see that couple posting their argument on social media having disadvantages more than advantages.

Therefore, they can decide if they should keep posting the argument message or not.

When people get angry, they can write it down on paper or they can take a long breath. When they stop angry, they will not feel regret because of posting the argument on social media.